Nursing Diagnoses for 85-Year-Old Female with Osteoporosis and a Broken Hip

  • Edith Jacobson, an 85-year-old white female, has a history of osteoporosis.
  • She lives independently at home but recently fell and broke her left hip.
  • She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.

Three Nursing Diagnoses for Edith Jacobson:

  1. Impaired Mobility: Due to her broken hip, Edith experiences limited movement and is at risk for further complications.
  2. Acute Pain: Edith is likely experiencing significant pain as a result of her hip fracture, which requires management to ensure her comfort and recovery.
  3. Risk for Falls: Given her history of osteoporosis and the recent fall, Edith is at an increased risk for future falls, which could lead to further injuries.


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